Mayor Michael Kent not stepping down during state election campaign

Michael Kent

Michael Kent

Glamorgan Spring-Bay mayor Michael Kent says he has no intention of stepping down from his role, despite his fellow councillors calling a special meeting asking him to do so. 

The calls come after Cr Kent announced his plans to run for the Jacqui Lambie Network in the state election. 

“I have no intention of standing down prior to the State election,” Cr Kent said.

“I certainly will be ignoring any motions of no confidence that may be passed at this Special Meeting.”

Fellow councillor Jenifer Crawford said she had been approached by concerned residents leading her to call the meeting.

Cr Kent said other mayors and councillors representing the region had not stepped down when they had campaigned in a state election. 

“Bertrand Cadart did not stand down as mayor during his campaign for a seat in Lyons at the 2014 House of Assembly election. Deputy mayor Cheryl Arnol did not stand down when she stood for the seat of Rumney with the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party in the 2017 Legislative Council election,” he said. 

“In addition, councillor Cheryl Arnol was mayor in 2004 when she stood for the Legislative Council seat of Apsley and did not stand down as mayor during this campaign.”

Cr Kent said comments by Cr Crawford in the media over the last few days regarding the no confidence motion were ‘disappointing’. 

The special council meeting will be held on Tuesday at the Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council chambers at Triabunna.