Launceston way-finding proposal put forward

Launceston will soon be easier to navigate, under proposed plans to install a series of new way-finding signs. 

The plans form part of the Launceston City Heart Master Plan, with a signage strategy guiding the roll-out of up to 200 pedestrian and cycling signs around the city within the next few years.

General manager Michael Stretton said the signs were designed specifically to assist pedestrians and cyclists with navigation, using directional and location information.​

"The goal of the project is to contemporise, rationalise and standardise way-finding signage across Launceston and put an end to the myriad different styles and form factors that have been in place around the city for decades,” he said. 

"By developing a consistent suite of way-finding signage, with consistent form, structure, typography, colours and graphical elements, we can get better economies of scale in design and manufacturing.

"It means production methods remain the same across the suite, which helps us reduce production costs in the longer term.”

The City of Launceston has advertised development applications for new way-finding signage at City Park, Quadrant Mall and the North Esk River Trail. 

Mr Stretton said the signs would help showcase Launceston as a welcoming and easily navigable city, complete with recreational links, public spaces and community facilities. 

The latest proposal outlines signage along the North Esk River Trail.

Way-finding signs would extend westward from the footbridge in South Inveresk, past Sea Port, Royal Park, Kings Park and ending at Cataract Gorge zigzag track. 

The application is open for comment until March 1.