Party in the Paddock to refund leftover Awop funds

Any leftover funds from Party in the Paddock’s cashless system need to be reclaimed before the end of the week. 

Refund applications for the Awop system close at midnight on February 18. 

Payments from the event will be made after Sunday by Party in the Paddock. 

Refunds need to be registered through Awop using the number on the supplied wristband. 

The Awop system worked by allowing festival goers to load their wristbands with cash and use it like paywave. 


Festival director Jesse Higgs said the system eliminated the hassle of drink tokens or carrying cash. 

“Instead of holding drink tokens, the money is on your wristband and it won’t come off,” Mr Higgs said. 

“You see people losing their wallets and cards at festivals all the time. [In 2017] we returned about 50 wallets.

“We went to a festival in NSW and they had the same system and we thought it was just brilliant.”

For more information, or to claim a refund visit