February 12, 2018: Your say on road conditions, biosecurity, pokies

Kenneth Gregson, of Swansea, says the Great Eastern Drive needs some improvements.
Kenneth Gregson, of Swansea, says the Great Eastern Drive needs some improvements.

Great Eastern Drive

TASMANIA’S Great Eastern Drive, the recent branding exercise of the Tasman Highway between St Helens and Orford to rival the Great Ocean Road, may seem to be a hollow advertising ploy.

The following sections of highway are pertinent examples of potential public safety and substandard road standards for contemporary driving: 

  • Milton Vineyard (north of Swansea) to Wardlaws Creek (north of Bicheno) 
  • Enstone Park (west of Falmouth) to St Helens
  • Little Swanport to Swansea
  • Incomplete widening of Prosser Gorge (Orford)

The above sections of highway have not substantially changed since the 1970s, but tourism demand has increased exponentially since the aforementioned period.

What an ideal opportunity “to make inroads” for public safety during this election campaign.

Kenneth Gregson, Swansea.


WHAT has happened to the biosecurity of Tasmania?

Quarantine was a big thing years ago. We had the debacle of the fox investigation in more recent years, yet I believe a fox could easily be smuggled in.

For example: Our friends brought a horse trailer from Victoria over on the Spirit of Tasmania.

At Port Melbourne they were asked if there were any horses in the float, to which they replied, no.

They were asked about the dried mud on the truck and said that it was only mud from Tasmania and that the truck had only been on sealed roads in Victoria.

All of this was accepted without further questioning or real inspection.

Nobody actually looked inside the float. Drugs, diseased plants or fruit or a whole family of foxes could have been smuggled across in that float.

Quarantine is a joke. And don't blame the current or the past government specifically. This has been an issue for years and needs correction if we are to stay a truly disease free state.

Anita Williams, Scottsdale.

Political Brochures

TO GET to our letter box, one has to go through our front gate and walk to our front door to find said letter box, which has a polished brass plaque that politely says: “postal mail only please”. 

We have begun to find political brochures dropped into out letter box, blatantly ignoring the sign. 

I wish to advise all politicians, regardless of party affiliations, independent politicians, or aspiring people hoping to become politicians that you disregard the sanctity of our home at your own risk. 

If I can’t trust you to honour our wish how can I trust you to govern my state? It is not that I am not interested in politics - I am. 

I will go to the debates and doubtless will be inundated with messages from the various media, which I will take into account as the voting date nears.

Maggie Bartkevicius-James, Launceston.


WHY IS Labor wanting to remove pokies when gambling these days extends far beyond from your average pubs and clubs? 

At home many people can easily gamble away their fortune. All they need is a device, bank account and internet.

It is becoming irrelevant to just ban pokies. Sure removing pokies would limit some but online gaming is becoming increasingly popular. 

Solutions could be made by removing gaming apps from the mobile app stores and blocking all gaming websites.

But this process is very tricky and not very foolproof. This topic needs more thought if you look deeper into it.

Collin G. Wood, Newstead.

University relocation

I NOTICE this issue is back in the news again.

One very good reason not to relocate the university is that according to a very serious article (The Examiner, May 23, 2017), is that within 83 years the whole area will be underwater due to sea level change.

I can hear the citizens of Launceston saying in 2101 how very short sighted the city and university planners were in 2018.

The Newnham site will not be affected.

Malcolm Scott, Newstead.

Fruit fly

I FIND it utterly disgusting that some smug moron has managed to bypass our quarantine system and as a result has jeopardised an entire industry by bringing Queensland fruit fly into our state.

Richard Hill, Newstead.

St John’s Ambulance

MY HUSBAND is currently in Launceston General Hospital following two operations, and recently we attended Royal Hobart Hospital for a scan.  

While acknowledging the excellent treatment received at both hospitals, I would like to express my appreciation to the St John Ambulance Service and attendants Bob and Tony for their help and friendly assistance in transporting the patient.

Thank you.

Gillian Simmons, Perth.


A MAJOR congratulations to the Festivale committiee for its continued work, year on year, on making Launceston a prouder city. 

This showcase of Tasmanian food, wine and beverages shows locals and visitors alike Northern Tasmania is progressive, open for business and is looking to the future.

Kyle Barrett, Relbia.

Australian Flag

WHAT a brilliant cartoon by “Best of Pat” (The Examiner, February 5).

The Australian flag claiming it was not aware of its dual citizenship until looking in the mirror. 


Elsa de Ruyter, St Helens.