Merrick Watts set to headline Fresh Comedy

OFF THE AIRWAVES: Merrick Watts will perform at The Royal Oak on February 16. Picture: Supplied.
OFF THE AIRWAVES: Merrick Watts will perform at The Royal Oak on February 16. Picture: Supplied.

Merrick Watts is a man used to being heard and not seen.

He may have made sporadic appearances on Thank God You’re Here and The Project, but he is most known for his work in radio, having spent time at Triple J, NOVA, and Triple M at various points throughout the past 20 years. 

The 44-year-old called time on his radio career at the end of last year, freeing him up to perform as part of Fresh Comedy in Launceston on February 16.

Watts said he wanted to use this time to expand his horizons.

“It’s an opportunity to do things I haven’t been able to do because of radio,” he said.

“Whether it goes for a year, or two years is something I’m yet to decide.

“Right now, I’m just happy doing a few bits and pieces for television, as well as some stand up.”

As one half of Merrick and Rosso, Watts took Triple J drive to ratings highs, was the first voice on the NOVA network and built a cult television fan base with shows on Nine, Ten and the Comedy Channel.

As a solo performer, he has acted on The Hollowmen and Underbelly.

Watts may have performed his first solo show Man Of The House to sold out rooms around Australia last year, but this will be his first visit to Launceston in a number of years.

He said he wanted to be back down again before the end of the 2018.

“I’ve been trying to find a way to get to Tassie with my family,” he said.

“My wife went to Hobart to see one of her girlfriends in November, and I was really jealous.

“She’s a big fan of Tasmania, so we will probably come down for a family holiday later in the year.

“I’ll probably spend an extra day there when I come to perform, so I can have a bit of a look around.”

Family life not only keeps Watts busy when he is at home, but has become a primary source of material for the comedian.

He said the fascinations of his children vary wildly to his own growing up.

“When I was a kid, we used to play with fire, whereas now most kids don’t even know what a box of matches looks like,” he said.

“I used to just burn stuff all the time, but my kids can’t do that because we don’t keep matches in the house.

“My most recent stand-up show was a bit of an eclectic mix of the different relationships I have now, and family life in general.”

Merrick Watts will headline Fresh Comedy on February 16 at The Royal Oak. The show starts at 8.30pm, with general admission tickets $20. They can be purchased online at