CMCA chief says Campbell Town RV park could be a while away

NEW PARKS: The CMCA is expanding its reach throughout Tasmania. Picture: Shutterstock
NEW PARKS: The CMCA is expanding its reach throughout Tasmania. Picture: Shutterstock

Questions about a potential Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia RV park at Campbell Town remain, despite approval and support from the Northern Midlands Council. 

While the council voted in favour to lease the King Street Oval to the CMCA for a members-only park, association chief executive Richard Barwick said there was still a long way to go before any park went ahead. 

He said there was no concrete agreement for a CMCA park to be built at Campbell Town.

“There are a lot of variables that may or may not take place for this park to go ahead as we would like it," he said.

“One issue with the site is making sure we have exclusive access, and it’s a member-only park.

“We’re still waiting for the public consultation to sort itself out, before we commit.”

The council approved a motion to support the park for a second time at its January meeting, after first signalling its support in November, however a public consultation process must now begin. 

Manager of JJ’s Cafe Campbell Town Erin Dawson said a new RV Park would be a welcome addition to the town. 

“Campbell Town is quite a busy town and you get a lot of tourists through – probably 80 per cent of people who stop are tourists,” she said.

“I think [a new RV park] would be a great project for Campbell town, because there’s not a lot of parking and places to camp around the area.

“It would absolutely be great for our business.”

Mr Barwick said the CMCA was steadily expanding its influence in Tasmania and wanted a presence on the Midland Highway. 

He would like to see the council be more pro-active in its approach to a potential park. 

“[Campbell Town] is on a major highway, so it would be attractive option for us,” he said. 

“But, we still have to weigh-up the options if Campbell Town is a better option than somewhere further south.

“I need to make sure my board are fully comfortable with it – the council and CMCA need to sit down and go through the elements before we can go forward.”

Northern Midlands mayor David Downie said the council would go through the correct channels before the land is leased.

He said there was no timeframe for the public consultation process to be completed.