Recycling bin audits aim to educate Break O'Day residents

A recycling audit for Break O’Day wheelie bins will educate the community on what can and cannot be recycled.

The audits will take place on February 6, 12, and 20 on bins at St Helens.

As the region has only had recycling bins for about two months, Mayor Mick Tucker said the audit would “give the community a hand”.

“It’s about trying to help the transition. It’s purely friendly assistance,” he said.

“Whilst some people are doing an incredible job, some people are a bit nervous about what they can put in their bin,” he said. “We’re giving advice to people who are a bit unsure.”

“We’re trying to help not just the environment, but our people.”

Two bin inspectors will undertake visual assessments of the contents of the bins. 

They have colour-coded stickers to place on bins, with a green sticker being good, an orange sticker indicating minor contamination, and a red sticker showing serious contamination where a recycling bin has been used for general waste.

Break O’Day Council said the two inspectors were easily identifiable by their car and orange high-vis vests.

“They will not knock on your door or enter your property …. they may put some information in your mailbox.

“And lastly, but not least, both of them will be happy to talk to you about recycling, if you have any questions for them.”

At the November 20 2017 council meeting a motion was discussed to increase the region’s bin sizes as the recycling bins began being trialled.

“Once you put all cardboard, hard plastic, paper, cans and glass into the recycling bin there is only a small amount of rubbish left to place in the waste bin. 

“Generally what does go in the waste bin will compact down easily and 140lt capacity in most cases should be sufficient,” Councillor Tucker said.

The council recommended downloading the Recycle Coach app which shows residents what can be recycled alongside their waste and recycling bin schedules.

Clean paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, empty cans, plastic containers and bottles without lids, and brown paper packaging can go in recycling bins.