MoFo Block Party has plethora of entertainment options

Adele Varco’s Onesie World is all about bringing people together by wearing onesies at MoFo’s Block Party.

The free Block Party is happening on Sunday, and has a number of wacky entertainment options. 

Varco said more than 1000 onesies will be given away, many of which will be made during sewing machine orchestra performances.

Also happening is Unconscious Collective’s Hypnapod, which explores the use of pulse-sensor technology to replicate heartbeats of audience members wrapped up in a hanging cocoon-like pod.

A “large inflatable sound bubble” has also appeared on the site. The bubbles interact with musician Anna McMichael’s violin. 

“It picks up the sound I make and the lights react. We have done it at Vivid in Sydney twice,” she said.