Enjoy yourself, but don’t test your limits

Summer has truly arrived. The long, hot days mixed in with some annual leave and celebrations is the basic recipe for a good summer. Add in some stellar events and Northern Tasmania is starting 2018 on a high.

This weekend is the start of what is set to be a solid couple of months of key events for our region.

What patrons must remember is the social responsibility and expectations when attending and travelling home from events.

Everyone should have a good time – that’s why you attend –  but it should be done with some responsibility and respect.

BeerFest isn’t called “booze-fest”. And you won’t get handed your own trophy for drunken behaviour at the Launceston Cup or polo.

However, it’s guaranteed there will be some people who will test their limits.

In doing so they not only risk their own personal safety, but also the safety of those around them. 

There will be those who attempt to drive home, those who resort to violence or verbal abuse and others who will just be a general nuisance.

Poor decision making has the potential to claim lives or, on the lower end of the scale, impact the budget of the council with vandalism.

The way to avoid a sore head, embarrassing stories and unwanted interactions with police or the hospital’s emergency department comes down to moderation and preparation.

The police are not the fun police.  They want everyone to enjoy themselves, but never at the risk of others.

There is a line that can be crossed, and to do so won’t be tolerated by the police or the majority of the community.

Patrons should remember it’s not just about them at these different community events.

Not everyone attending BeerFest, the polo, Festivale, Mona Foma, Launceston Cup and concerts over summer are there to get inebriated.

Many attend with families and to enjoy the atmosphere.

So if you intend to enjoy a beverage or two, be sure to plan ahead and arrange transport to ensure a safe journey home. If you’re having a quiet one, don’t be the fun police. Allow others to enjoy themselves, even if they are loud and a little rowdy. 

Also, if your friends start to go that little bit too far, be a mate and look after them.


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