New Year, new home, new life

At this time our thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions and how we can make our lives better in 2018.

Some even consider the lives of others and how they can improve the world as part the process of reinvention … 

But there’s a way you can do all of that in one simple step ... adopt a new companion from the RSPCA.

When you choose one of these stunning animals you are guaranteeing yourself and your new furry friend a future filled with love and devotion, something sure to instantly give your life a boost. You will be giving a soul a second chance for a new life, thereby making someone else very happy and in the process you will be spreading compassion and kindness, two things our society is very short on right now.

Job done.

So if it’s time for a change, there’s only one place you need to go. Visit RSPCA Launceston soon, phone 6332 8282 or visit