Launceston gallery pairs up for exhibition to feature in Mona Foma

MOFO: 'Seven' will feature an eclectic lineup of Australian artists, including work by Launceston artist Mae Finlayson.
MOFO: 'Seven' will feature an eclectic lineup of Australian artists, including work by Launceston artist Mae Finlayson.

Seven pairs of artists. Seven days. One hell of a show.

The free exhibition is featured in Mona Foma’s Launceston program, showcasing a distinct lineup of artists curated by Sawtooth ARI Gallery director Paul Eggins.

The idea sparked from a previous exhibition Eggins curated in Hobart called Touch with Your Eyes, which centered around the work of five artists.

Looking at the artworks, he discovered matching themes, textures, colours and styles, which Eggins decided to explore further in Seven.

The project allocates seven different gallery spaces to the artist pairs, giving them autonomy to transform a space each.

“Each pair bounces off each other,” Eggins said.

When he first considered the idea, he was concerned about whether the spaces would simply hosts a series of unrelated solo artworks.

However, Eggins said the artists were excited to work together on artworks as well as having some individual works.

What was already emerging was an array of diverse spaces, engaging the audience with different complementary artworks, he said.

“It will be interesting to see how people react to it.”

Seven would offer an artistic experience, which would give the Mona Foma audience a different taste of the rich artistic community and talents available, Eggins said.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity to work with Mona Foma in their first year in Launceston and to highlight some of the experimental artists working and living across the state and beyond. It’s a really good time to celebrate MoFo’s move to Launceston, and the big year we have programmed in 2018 plus present a big lineup of artists associated with Sawtooth and our vision.”

The artists who will be featured in the exhibition are Mat Carey, Alistair Mooney, Lina Buck, Garth Howells, Jessica Dorloff, Darryl Rogers, Steven Carson, Erin Linhart, Mae Finlayson, Josh Foley, Paul Murphy, Kimberly Pace, Seve de Angelis and Michelle Smith.

“It’s seven shows in one.”

MoFo 2018 will be held in Launceston and Hobart between January 12 and 22 next year, with the Launceston weekend held on January 12 to 14.

Other events included in the festival’s lineup include the free Launceston Block Party, Monumental – a collaborative Canadian dance troupe and instrumentalist performance, and Gotye Presents A Tribute To Jean-Jacques Perrey.

  • Seven will open on Friday, January 12 from 6pm until late.
  • The exhibition will be open on January 13 and 14 between 10am and 5pm, on January 17 to 19 between 12pm and 5pm, before finishing off on January 20 between 10am and 2pm.