Charles and Cimitiere streets to have upgrades in early 2018 says City of Launceston

Two major road reconstruction projects are planned by the City of Launceston in early 2018.

Pedestrian safety improvements at Charles Street, outside the Launceston General Hospital, are due to commence in January.

Then in February, an upgrade of a section of Cimitiere Street, between the Tamar and Lawrence Street intersections, is due to start.

“We are eager to flag with the community that these two projects are on the horizon and that we are focused on minimising disruption,” general manager Michael Stretton said.

“They are both big and complex projects on CBD roads that are highly utilised by motorists and pedestrians, and this means there will be challenges for us during construction.”

Mr Stretton said the Cimitiere Street rehabilitation works have been designed to replace a segment of the road which has reached the end of its life, while the Charles Street project will include a dedicated pedestrian crossing point and raising of the existing roundabout.