Beaconsfield Mine stabilisation process begins in December

After months of trials and tribulations the stabilisation of the Beaconsfield Mine is getting closer to completion.

On Thursday the pouring of a concrete slurry down the mine shaft began, with potentially 500 cubic metres of material expected to be sent down.

West Tamar Council general manager Rolph Vos said the main issue had been difficulty in cutting the pipe down which the concrete is being poured. 

The council hired a specialist crew from Hobart to cut the pipe last week using explosive materials. 

“We were reluctant at the outset because we weren't sure what the impact would be,” Mr Vos said.

Once the concrete has set, the council will fill the mine to the surface and then remediate the mine yard.

Temporary fencing will allow visitors to get a closer look at the action, with a partial re-opening of the mine yard expected mid to late next week.

The final stage, which is scheduled for January, will see the headframe returned to its original position.