Have you seen Sasha the Staffie?

All the Wadley family want for Christmas is for their dog to come home.

The 11-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier-cross named Sasha went missing from their property at The Glen about one month ago.  

Alison Wadley said her children have been beside themselves, with 13-year-old Brianna writing a letter to The Examiner pleading for help to find her “canine best friend”.

“Christmas is just around the corner and my brothers and I really want her back for Christmas,” Brianna said. 


Mrs Wadley said they know it is a long shot, but all they want for Christmas is their dog. 

“We really have run out of other options,” she said. 

“We have been checking all the pounds and she is micro-chipped, so she can be identified.

“Our only option left was to reach out to the paper on the off chance that someone has sen her.”

Mrs Wadley said the dog had been sick for a few months but had never wandered off before.

Sasha was last seen on The Glen Road, early November. 

Have you seen Sasha? 

Email allywadley@hotmail.com with any information.