Aurora Energy plans to change Pay As You Go system, affecting 26,000 customerrn

Aurora’s Pay As You Go system could be significantly overhauled next year and Labor fears it might both past costs onto, and inconvenience, low-income Tasmanians.

Aurora Energy heads and Energy Minister Guy Barnett were pressed on the issue on Wednesday as government business enterprise hearings resumed.

Aurora want to introduce smart phone technology for PAYG customers, negating the requirement for retail outlet payments.

Under questioning from Labor’s Scott Bacon on who would pay for the new metering equipment, Aurora chief executive Rebecca Kardos said it would be worked out when the business case was finalised.

She acknowledged not all customers would have access to smart phone technology.

"Yes, there will be transition issues, there always are,” Ms Markos said. 

“If the replacement product isn't the right product, we'll work with those customers." 

She said there was no estimated cost of the shift yet and the proposal would be taken to Aurora’s board for approval next year.

Mr Bacon later said Aurora’s costings on removal and replacement of PAYG meters for its almost 26,000 customers was estimated at $11 million.

Mr Barnett boasted about the success of Aurora’s $20 million energy efficiency loan scheme during the hearing.

But the Greens were keen to point out that those who did not repay their loan within 36 months would be stung with a 13.9 per cent interest rate by loan provider Westpac on the repayments.

Almost 1600 Tasmanian households have been approved for loans, valued at over $10.9 million.