Mark Shelton walks 200 kilometres from Longford to Hobart for St Giles in honour of grandson Evan

After four days of walking, Mark Shelton can finally put his feet up. Speaker of the House and Liberal Lyons MHA, Mr Shelton has completed a 200-kilometre, rain-soaked, blister-filled walk from Longford to Hobart to raise funds for disability support service St Giles.

Mr Shelton went beyond his fundraising target of $10000 to raise $13700.

“Most of my body is feeling pretty good – my feet a different story, but nevertheless, very glad to be here,” he said.

“[Evan], my six-year-old grandchild, one of twins, Evan has been in and out of St Giles using their expertise at different times.”

Mr Shelton was joined by Premier Will Hodgman and other politicians, friends and family to walk the last few metres. St Giles spokeswoman Danielle Blewett said the money raised would fund programs not covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

“There’s so much we’ve always wanted to do at St Giles but there’s no funds unless someone does something like walk to Hobart,” she said.