Launceston pedicab wheels into the city streets

Spotted: Launceston has its own pedicab service. Picture: Paul Scambler
Spotted: Launceston has its own pedicab service. Picture: Paul Scambler

They have proven popular everywhere from New York City to Paris, and now it’s Launceston’s turn to jump on the pedicab bandwagon.

A “hail and ride” bicycle-powered tour service has been operating throughout the town’s central business district and other tourist hot spots throughout the past month.

Discover Tasmania Tours’ Jon Lovell is behind the introduction of the concept, having seen first-hand the contribution of pedicabs to tourism experience in other areas. 

He admitted people in Launceston haven’t known what to make of the pedal-powered transporter.

“I’ve been getting a few quizzical looks, and a lot of waves,” he said.

“I’m still trying to ascertain the demand for it in the area, but hopefully we get a few more people wanting a ride in the summer.”

After extensive research, Mr Lovell put forward a proposal to City of Launceston council and other important stakeholders for review and support. 

It received a positive response from Tourism Industry Council Tasmania chief executive Luke Martin, who stated in a letter that “TICT could not think of a worthier business, or exciting proposal for enhancing visitor activity and economic opportunities in Northern Tasmania.”

His view was shared Iron Pot Bay Vineyard owner Julieanne Mani, who has come on board as a sponsor.

 “Iron Pot Bay Vineyard and Discover Tasmania Tours have shared a wonderful business relationship for more than three years,” she said.