Wet weather dampens Speaker of the House Mark Shelton's long walk, but not his determination

It’s a long walk at the best of times, but in pouring rain anyone would be justified in kicking off the gumboots and postponing a 200-kilometre walk from Longford to Hobart.

But Speaker of the House Mark Shelton is soldiering on, determined to complete his walk to raise $10,000 for disability support service St Giles.

Mr Shelton’s wife Merrilyn said the wind, rain and plenty of blisters had slowed Mr Shelton down, but he was still walking on Sunday afternoon, with a quick stop at Kempton for lunch.

Plenty of people have stopped to say hello, donate, or even offer him an umbrella or some waterproof trousers.

Mrs Shelton said he had raised more than $8000 so far, with one day to go before arriving in Hobart and putting his feet up.