Launceston Gorillas coach Fletcher Harding remains content with performance in defeat

KICKING ON: Launceston Gorillas found some positives in the loss.

KICKING ON: Launceston Gorillas found some positives in the loss.

Launceston Gorillas could take a knee for their optimistic coach Fletcher Harding that sang the praises aloud of his players amid a 24-6 defeat in Hobart.

The home side were forced for the second straight week to head into the Gridiron Tasmania clash on Saturday with Hobart Knights acutely undermanned by more than two players to one.

“The guys were excellent,” Harding said. “We came in undermanned again, even worse than last week.

“The guys pulled together really well and they just were extremely competitive for most of the game.

“But there is only so much you can do when you’re 15 players versus 35-plus.”

Harding was unfazed by the third consecutive defeat that has the Gorillas slip to an unfamiliar 1-3 win/loss. 

“It was absolutely a courageous performance,” he said.

“The boys came together and played their absolute hearts out. The effort that was given was more than I’ve seen from any gridiron team in this Tasmanian league.”

The Gorillas had a chalkboard session during the week to deliver more clarity on the defensive job at hand.

Harding said his charges took the changes on board and believed it was a “turning point” in their season.

“I certainly hope the guys take it as a turning point and take it as a win for us today despite the score,” he said.

“Hopefully we can take it upon ourselves to bring that performance every week.”

North-West Raiders will host UTAS Devils on Sunday at Devonport.