Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards recognise unsung heroes among us

On Friday night, some of Tasmania’s unsung heroes got the recognition they deserve.

The winners of the 2017 Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards were announced in Hobart, and the inspiring spirits of many Tasmanians were put in the spotlight.

 The awards are designed to “encourage, acknowledge and reward the valuable contributions individuals, communities, and businesses are making throughout Tasmania”.

Recognising the importance of these values is something that cannot be overdone.

The people the achievement awards seek to recognise are the ones who make Tasmania the state it is today. A state that values authenticity, hard work, and innovation; a state we can be proud of.

“The awards recognise those who strive for sustainability, improve the health and well-being of others, enrich their communities and care for the environment,” Premier Will Hodgman said, as the patron of the awards.

As well as shining a light on those who deserve it most, one of the award’s strong points is diversity. No-one’s work is left undervalued, because it does not fit a certain protocol.

As the name suggests, the community achievement awards highlight all the different pockets of our cities, towns and regions that contribute to a cohesive community.

This year’s list of winners reiterates that: a free, weekly initiative (parkrun) took out the physical activity award, a Pakistan-born brother and sister team were named the outstanding achievers, and the North-West based Produce to the People Inc won the community group award.

The continued success of the awards shows that Tasmanians value and continue to value their communities.

They call on people to nominate others for various categories – from achievements in agriculture, health, and business, to sustainability, volunteering, and community groups. This year, there were 230 nominations.

Not only is that 230 individuals, businesses, and groups striving towards a common goal, it’s 230 people (minimum) who have been positively affected by their passion, and see it fit that their efforts are recognised.

It’s important that we keep that nomination momentum going.

It’s how we can inspire, innovate, and recognise.