Bigger kerbside bins at no cost to Break O'Day residents

UPDATE 6/12/17:

Due to the high demand for larger bins, Break O’Day Council have advised that there will be a minimum two week delay in deliveries of new bins due to the lead up to Christmas and recent bad weather.

Residents are urged to keep in mind that an additional higher charge will likely be applied to their annual rates for larger bins in the next financial year, including those obtained during the free upgrade period.

Break O’Day mayor Mick Tucker reiterated the importance of trailing the smaller bins alongside the newly implemented recycling bins.


Residents of the Break O’Day Council region can switch to a larger kerbside bin at no cost until the end of the financial year. 

The council made the decision to encourage residents to continue trialling smaller wheelie bin sizes alongside recycling bins, but agreed to make larger sized 240-litre bins available free of charge to those in the community who request them.

A motion was brought forward at the council meeting on November 20 to discuss whether there should be an increase in bin sizes in the region, and how much this change would cost.

Break O’Day Council mayor Mick Tucker said the motion was brought forward as some residents “indicated that they may need a larger general waste bin.”

“The council needed to discuss whether to change over from 140-litre to 240-litre waste bins and how much the larger bin might cost on an annual basis,” Councillor Tucker said.

As the motion had come whilst the council were trialling recycling bins in the region, Cr Tucker urged the community to try the new recycling service before making the choice to switch over to a larger bin.

“We have been asking residents to try the new service for a few months so they can get a good idea of how much will actually end up in recycling,” Cr Tucker said.

“Evidence shows that over 50 per cent of waste is recyclable materials and what their remaining waste needs are before requesting a larger bin.

“Once you put all cardboard, hard plastic, paper, cans and glass into the recycling bin there is only a small amount of rubbish left to place in the waste bin. Generally what does go in the waste bin will compact down easily and 140lt capacity in most cases should be sufficient,” he said.

The council recommends downloading the Recycle Coach app, which shows residents their bin schedule and has a search function for what out of their waste can be recycled.

Because of the implementation of recycling bins, residents now have an additional 140-litres of bin space.

Cr John Tucker said an review of the 2018/2019 Waste Collection Service policy would likely come in the next financial year.

“It is highly likely that there will be a higher charge for a larger bin in the next financial year,” Cr Tucker said.

“This is because the cost to the council to get rid of waste increases in direct proportion to the amount of waste there is to get rid of.”