Upgraded sport lighting for Prospect Vale Park tendered

Prospect Vale Park is soon to have upgraded sports lighting.

In the Meander Valley Council’s meeting on October 10, the council approved a new capital works project to upgrade Prospect Vale Park’s lighting for football and soccer games.

Prospect Vale Park is the Meander Valley Council’s largest regional sports facility, and is able to house over 3,000 users.

The grounds are used for many events, such as sporting, leisure, and creative play.

Meander Valley deputy mayor Michael Kelly said that all councillors agreed on the necessity to upgrade sporting facilities in the region.

“I don’t think there would be any argument from anyone in the council about upgrading sporting facilities,” he said.

Councillor Kelly also said the current lights will be gifted to properties in the region to ensure they do not go to waste.

The upgrade will bring the lighting up to 200 lux, the level recommended by the Tasmanian State League and AFL Tasmania.

The AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines recommend a minimum of 150 lux if a sports organisation is upgrading their sports lighting, as it future proofs the facility and takes into account spectator requirements.

The Prospect Hawks Football club were recently offered two grants totalling $186,900 for the upgrade of the sports lighting, from both the State Government and AFL Facilities Development Reserve.

The junior club requested that upgrades to the lighting at the park be completed prior to the 2018 season which starts in April.

Tenders for these upgrades were requested by the Meander Valley Council, and suitably experienced contractors were urged apply before tenders closed on December 1.

The aim of the council is for the successful tenderer to remove the existing lighting structure, install four 28 metre high poles and 32 new LED luminaires, to rewire the sports lighting, update the existing smart-control system, and to update the existing switchboard and manual override system.

The lighting upgrade will ensure the park complies with sporting codes, and will also improve safety for both players and spectators.