Water Sensitive Urban Design Project in place for Sheepwash Creek

Midland Highway, Perth. Picture: Phillip Biggs
Midland Highway, Perth. Picture: Phillip Biggs

The Northern Midlands Council held the official opening of the new Water Sensitive Urban Design Project (WSUD) for Sheepwash Creek in Perth at 11am on November 29.

The WSUD is situated on the corner of Youl Road and Edward Street.

The concept of a WSUD project was implemented by the council as a new approach the ongoing issues in managing stormwater in the area.

In 2015, investigations were undertaken after a unanimous decision was made by the Northern Midlands Council to assess the flooding occurring between Edward Street and Drummond Street caused by the Sheepwash Creek catchment.

The aim was to create a suitable stormwater treatment project that would both minimise degradation of the environment, and create a recreational space for residents to enjoy.

The WSUD project will manage stormwater, and improve amenity, and add aesthetic and recreational appeal to the area.

The WSUD project was planned and designed by Cameron Oakley of Hydrodynamica and Leon Lange of Lange Design.

NRN North’s Stormwater and Catchment Officer Jesse Webster said that the project would benefit the Northern Midlands region.

“The Sheepwash Creek redevelopment is a great example of how council can improve our water quality, increase habitat and biodiversity and improve the amenity of an urban creek line which is a win-win for the community of Perth,” Mr Webster said.

“Northern Midlands Council is clearly leading the way in the northern region when it comes to organised implementation of larger scale WSUD at a catchment scale and this is just phase one,” he said.  

Mayor of the Northern Midlands Council David Downie commended the project and the council for “leading the way with projects such as this to enable a sustainable future for our communities.”

Part of the funding for the WSUD project was made available to the Northern Midlands Council through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme Investment into the Tamar River Recovery Plan.