Cressy School thefts an act of desperation or opportunistic

Having a quiet chuckle over what could be viewed petty crime can be a common reaction.

Stealing a witches hat can be a badge of honour for some youth or hearing about a shoplifter uncomfortably placing meat products down his or her pants.

It’s amusing until to you seriously consider the repercussions.

Over the past month, Cressy District High School has been targeted not once, but three times by thieves.

The men, who can be seen on CCTV footage, have driven to the school to steal flavoured milk. They went to the effort to take a trolley with them to help move the dairy product.

In order to do this they not only trespass, but also cause damage to the school’s canteen.

So far the damage bill is $2500. This doesn’t include the products stolen.

Senior Sergeant Mike Gillies, who is a long-serving police officer, said he had seen all manner of crimes and offences, but this type of crime personally disgusts him.

He said the thieves were targeting children, causing damage and all for flavoured milk.

Back in September, parents at Brooks High School at Rocherlea said they were frustrated and disappointed at the number of break-ins at the school over the past 12 months.

They said the school had been targeted 23 times, despite CCTV and security alarms across the grounds.

This week police charged a man with burglary, including incidents relating to the school.

It’s important to note there is no suggestion these crimes mentioned are at all linked.

The common denominator is a few people in our community who believe it’s OK to impact a child’s education.

Afterall, that money to repair and replace items needs to come from somewhere.

The reasons for targeting schools could be opportunistic and perhaps desperation.

Or perhaps they simply don’t care. It’s for the thrill. 

The latter reasons are harder to relate to.

To know there are people in our community who don’t show compassion or an understanding of their actions is disappointing.

It’s also counterproductive to other community programs that promote development and advancement.


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