Launceston Burger Junkie shop renovations revealed

It’s the question on every Launceston burger lover’s lips – What’s behind the Burger Junkie wall? 

On Tuesday, the St John Street burger joint pulled down the wall on the second stage of its transition from food van to restaurant, revealing a movie-themed mural.

Owner and chef Cameron Gallagher said the cult classic-inspired artwork was painted by a Launceston artist Josh Foley. 

“It’s a scene from Pulp Fiction. It’s fairly iconic burger scene in the movie, that’s what [Foley] has done and he has incorporated some of his previous art work in the background,” Gallagher said.  

Gallagher’s wife and business partner Sharla Karol said the mural was “psychedelic”.

“He spent about two weeks in here doing it. He was responsible for the Charles Street veterinary clinic art work and we saw it there and got his contact details,” she said. 

The restaurant has been well-received by the community, Gallagher said. 

“We’re just hoping people embrace something a little bit different. We have the old arcade games, and have tried to make it more comfortable,” he said.

“We’re hoping that people will come and use it as a bit of bar hangout. It’s not just a place to eat. Now we can get [customers] to come in and have a few afternoon drinks and play some pin ball and just relax.”

The pair had always planned to make their successful food van into a restaurant, and now it’s complete, they said. 

The first stage seated just a handful of people, and the extension offers seating for a further 25 people. 

“We realised really quickly that we outgrew it and people were fighting for seats. So we decided we needed to speed up the process of opening stage two,” Karol said. 

The pair has a major focus on local produce, and the making of the restaurant has been built on the same morals. 

“We’re really lucky to have great local trades people and artists. Pretty much everything that we do, we only use local people,” Gallagher said. 

Karol said the restaurant had received a lot of requests for bookings since its initial opening in July. The expansion will now allow that to happen.