No flight path changes to take place at Launceston Airport

NO CHANGES: A Virgin Airways plane at Launceston Airport. Picture: Phillip Biggs
NO CHANGES: A Virgin Airways plane at Launceston Airport. Picture: Phillip Biggs

With Hobart International Airport’s route changes leaving many residents in the state’s South frustrated, it is confirmed that no such changes will be taking place at Launceston Airport.

New Standard Instrument Departures and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes that were designed for Launceston Airport were expected to be implemented in November or December, according to the minutes of the Community Aviation Consultation Group meeting on May 16.

General Manager at Launceston Airport Paul Hodgen said that he is unaware of any planned changes at this moment in time.

“As far as I’m aware, there is a review taking place that is going to be predominantly for safety improvements, but nothing to my knowledge has been put in place,” he said.

A spokesperson from Airservices said the proposed changes had been deemed unnecessary, and will not be taking place at this stage.

“Airservices is not introducing flight path changes at Launceston at this time.

“Although preliminary work was undertaken, Airservices ultimately determined that no changes were necessary for operational safety reason due to the relatively low traffic levels, and no changes were progressed,” they said.

Standard arrivals and departures were changed at Hobart International Airport on September 14.

Airservices said the changes were made due to safety and efficiency improvements. 

Residents of areas in Kellevie, Copping, Dunalley and Boomer Bay are experiencing increased aircraft noise as they are now under the flight path.