Callum Harper fires at Gulf Western Speedway

ROARING: Callum Harper set a new Super Sedan lap record on Saturday night. The season continues next weekend. Picture: Angryman Photography
ROARING: Callum Harper set a new Super Sedan lap record on Saturday night. The season continues next weekend. Picture: Angryman Photography

A massive field turned on some spectacular action at Gulf Western and Independent raceway on the state’s North-West Coast.

Three lap records fell with AMCA’s Andrew Ryder reducing their record to 14.929. Callum Harper had a busy night dropping the Late Model record to 12.890 and the Super Sedan record to an amazing 13.844.

Several stoppages occurred as the result of rollovers in the Juniors with Stephanie Howard and Tyler Russell both ending their nights early. In Formula 500’s Jason Taylor had a spectacular exit while leading his heat race after a mechanical failure sent his car careening into the concrete. In the Street Stock final Craig Weaver had a damaging roll on the front straight.

The kart racing started the evening’s proceedings while a record number of entries kept the crowd entertained as Luke Redpath won the 125’s, Aaron Bisset the seniors while in the juniors Kaleb Simms held out a determined Cooper Stuart.

In the Junior Sedans Jakobe Jetson drove superbly to fend off Jayden Triffett and Jesse White with some masterful passing moves in traffic being the deciding factor. Paige Alison had a strong run for fourth. The consolation final was won by Brandon Austin.

A huge field of AMCA’s provided non-stop action. Andrew Ryder was challenged early by Daniel Brooks however used lapped traffic to secure an unassailable lead. Brooks struck problems late in the race relegating him to third behind Jake Briggs. Brooks powered past Briggs on the last lap to regain second.

Brad Herbert won his third Modified final however he was pushed hard by Andy Russell all the way. A solid third place went to Trent Quillerat.

Ben Riley won another thrilling Street stock final from Dale Riley Jr. and Steve Harvey however it was a race of attrition with several early pace setters including Troy Russell and Corey Bauld failing to finish.

The Formula 500s were once again dominated by Jock Goodyer taking an easy win ahead of Dylan Beveridge and Ben Harris.

Brad Smith won the Late Model final with a decisive outside passing move on Callum Harper early in the race and was never really challenged. Third-placed Jason Cox was under intense pressure from Trent Quillerat having his first race in Late models. Quillerat retired after a spin with several laps to go leaving the order unchanged at the finish line.

Callum Harper dominated the Super Sedans, withstanding a challenge from Steve Latham following the caution on lap eight as third-placed Anthony Manion spun relegating the veteran to the rear for the restart.

Wayne Dillon finished third ahead of Joe Breitkopf in fourth.

The season continues next Saturday at Solo Speedway in the state’s south.



 Heat 1: R.Bassett 1, G.Stevens 2, J.Briggs 3, Heat 2: A.Ryder 1, D.Brooks 2, R.Bassett 3, Heat 3: A.Ryder 1, D.Brooks 2, J.Briggs 3, A-Main: A.Ryder 1, D.Brooks 2, J.Briggs 3.

Formula 500’s:

Heat 1: K.Kelly 1, J.Goodyer 2, G.Sutcliffe 3, Heat 2: N.Kingston 1, K.Kelly 2, B.Harris 3, Heat 3: J.Goodyer 1, D.Beveridger 2, N.Kingston 3, A-Main: J.Goodyer 1, D.Beveridge 2, B.Harris 3.

Junior Sedans:

 Heat 1: J.Jetson 1, M.Colgan 2,  C.Gay 3, Heat 2: J.Triffett 1, J.White 2, P.Allison 3, Heat 3: J.Jetson 1, C.Gay 2, M.Colgan 3, Heat 4: J.White 1, J.Triffett 2, C.Coleman 3, A-Main: J.Jetson 1, J.White 2, J.Triffett 3, Consolation Final: B.Austin 1, J.McKercher 2, K.Riley 3.

Late Models:

 Heat 1: C.Harper 1, B.Smith  2, K.Muir 3, Heat 2: C.Harper 1, B.Smith 2, J.Cox 3, A-Main: B.Smith 1, C.Harper 2, J.Cox 3.


 Heat 1: B.Herbert 1, A.Russell 2, N.Russell 3, Heat 2: B.Herbert 1, B.Youl 2, L.William 3, Heat 3: A.Russell 1, T.Quillerat 2, J.Taurian 3, A-Main: B.Herbert 1, A.Russell 2, L.Williams 3,

Super Sedans:

 Heat 1: C.Harper 1, S.Latham  2, A.Manion 3, Heat 2: C.Harper 1, W.Dillon 2, S.Latham 3, A-Main: C.Harper 1, S.Latham 2, W.Dillon 3.

Street Stocks:

 Heat 1: C.Weaver 1, T.Russell 2, S.Harvey 3, Heat 2: C.Bauld 1, B.Riley 2, J.Rogers 3, Heat 3: T.Russell 1, C.Weaver 2, S.Harvey, Heat 4: B.Riley 1, C.Bauld 2, J.Rogers 3, A-Main: B.Riley 1, D.Riley 2, S.Harvey 3.

Dirt Karts - 125:

 Heat 1: J.Bryan 1, L.Redpath  2, J.Davies 3, Heat 2: J.Bryan 1, A.Dillon 2, M.Bryan 3, A-Main: L.Redpath 1, J.Dillon 2, J.Bryan 3.

Dirt Karts - Juniors:

 Heat 1: K.Sims 1, J.Jones 2, M.Bissett 3, Heat 2: C.Stuart 1, K.Thompson 2, A.Auton 3, Heat 3: C.Stuart 1, T.Fenton-Harwood 2, J.Jones, Heat 4: K.Smis 1, H.Auton 2, A.Auton 3, A-Main: K.Smis 1, C.Stuart 2, A.Auton 3.

Dirt Karts - Seniors:

 Heat 1: A.Bissett 1, Z.Ripper  2, E.Dickenson 3, Heat 2: C.Dransfield 1, A.Bissett 2, B.Jackson 3, A-Main: A.Bissett 1, G.Lawrence 2, D.Ellston 3.