Tasmanian State Firefighter Championships puts skills to the test

Fire crews from across the state have put their skills to the test at the annual Tasmanian State Firefighter Championships this weekend. 

Held at Invermay Park, the hotly contested championship allows TFS members to practice their operational skills in a competitive environment with all events based on actual firefighting scenarios. 

TFS District Officer and Tasmanian Fire Brigade Association President Mark Dobson said a lot of history is wrapped up with the competition. 

“‘It is a fairly historic part of the fire brigades here in Tasmania and people take a lot of pride in that,” he said. 

“In the current format it is only a decade old but the competition actually dates back to the 1930s.”

Officer Dobson said the event provides a great morale booster for crews ahead of the fire season, with 36 teams competing in both junior and senior divisions. 

“It provides a great incentive for teams who skills are maybe borderline, to practice a bit more and get better at their skills. 

“It is pretty competitive.

“Some teams play for sheep stations, others are just here for the fun of it.

“But what we find is a lot of brigades will come here and acquaint themselves, and then they go and work together in the bush. 

“So it has lots of benefits.”

Following a Rememberence Day Service on Saturday, Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management, Rene Hidding, officially launched the competition. 

Crews will compete in 17 events across Saturday and Sunday.