Scotch Oakburn students gain Remembrance Day inspiration from peace festival

Students at Scotch Oakburn College have turned their focus to peace in a bid to stop future wars. 

At the school’s Remembrance Day commemorations on Friday the students used inspiration from the Tamar Valley Peace Festival as a base for the service.  

A number of students spoke, including grade 8 student India Viney, who gave tribute to former governor-general Peter Underwood’s 2014 Anzac Day speech. 

“He issued a challenge to all Tasmanians to actively strive for peace on a daily basis and learn ways of resolving conflict without violence,” India said. 

Carl Els and fellow student Jordan-May Shephard reflected on the occasion’s importance by reading a number of Nelson Mandela quotes. 

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner,” he said. 

India said Remembrance Day was about paying her respects to people who gave their live for other’s peace. 

“It means that I have the opportunity to stand for a minutes silence and remember all those who have been able to incorporate peace into our lives,” she said. “Remembrance Day is quite special to me.”

At the 99th Remembrance Day commemoration, India said she hoped the same respects would still be paid in another 100 years. 

“It’s something that has always been a tradition and I suppose from my family’s point of view, it always will be,” she said. 

The middle school’s deputy head Stuart Walls said the school was part of the Red Square Network and aimed to teach students to look for peaceful resolutions in other ways.