Home is where you feel loved

What makes the perfect home?

For some it would be a massive plasma television, for others the serenity of 1000 acres, for still others it could be an ocean view.

But for our furry friends, the perfect home needs one simple ingredient.

That ingredient is, of course, love.

At the RSPCA, many animals have known love and have loved deeply in return. They knew where they belonged and sadly through no fault of their own, many have lost that love and that home. 

They need to find it again, and when they do it will be the best day of their lives.

But some have known only indifference, treated more as an inconvenience than a member of the family. These animals are still waiting for that special place – that one spot in the universe that is made for them alone.

Imagine their joy when they discover it.

What a gift. To change a life forever. To lift a heart and soul. 

You can give that gift, just by adopting one of these stunning animals.

Visit them soon at RSPCA Launceston, phone 6332 8282 or visit www.adoptapet.com.