November 10, 2017: Your say on hospital bed numbers, poker machines

Ilana Szdlowski, Grindelwald, calls for more action to fix bed shortages at the Launceston General Hospital=.
Ilana Szdlowski, Grindelwald, calls for more action to fix bed shortages at the Launceston General Hospital=.

LGH bed shortages

EARLIER this year my mum got admitted to the Launceston General Hospital through emergency for an auto immune disease flare up.

She was very ill, and her condition was serious.

She spent the first couple of hours in an emergency bed, then she was moved to the short stay surgical ward where she spent two days, then finally to 4D for about five days.

I was appalled with the bed shortages at the LGH.

I personally think moving someone around so much can potentially make their condition worse.

I also think a mother of two children does not deserve to be stuck in a shared room with a whole bunch of dementia patients getting no sleep, especially when she has private health insurance.

I was appalled at the bed shortages and also where she ended up in the end.

I know this is developing but still needs improvement.

Ilana Szdlowski, Grindelwald (aged 13).

Dual Citizenship

WITH THE four former senators namely, Barnaby Joyce,  Scott Ludlum, Fiona Nash, and Stephen Parry,  having left  the Federal Parliament my question to the Department of Treasury is this:

Will they be entitled to a pension?

As I understand the entitlement is given after serving eight years. 

The sticking point in this instance is quite simple, will their claims be ruled invalid on the basis that they had no legal entitlement to sit in Parliament in the first instance?

This matter must be resolved as soon as possible, the people of Australia are rightfully demanding an audit of all politicians.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and others have their head in the sand if they believe that an audit is not required.

The expenditure of $122 million on the same-sex marriage issue is one thing, the question of  citizenship of our current politicians is extremely high on the agenda of all who have  a profound interest in our country.

Ted Sands, Alderman, City of Launceston.

Poker Machines

THE JOINT Select Committee on Future Gaming Markets has sought submissions on the future of poker machines in Tasmania.  

One-hundred and forty-nine submissions were received. 

Of the first 50, 46 wanted poker machines banned from pubs and clubs, three wanted the number reduced, and only one, with a commercial interest in gaming, wanted the present situation to continue. 

I spot checked further submissions and the only ones favouring continuing pokies in pubs and clubs were from those with a commercial interest in gaming.

Rebecca White you are on winner here if Labor policy is to ban poker machines from pubs and clubs. 

The overwhelming majority of voters want that.

John Biggs, Sandy Bay.

Irrelevant Articles

I ENJOY reading articles published in The Examiner written by Fairfax journalists based on the mainland, but only when they are of interest or relevance to Tasmanians.

The gardening article by John Gabriele (‘Get ready to battle the fruit fly’, (The Sunday Examiner, November 5) ignores the fact that, due to our very strict quarantine laws and the hard work of Biosecurity Tasmania, Tasmania is fruit fly free.  

This is one of the reasons  why passengers entering Tasmania are greeted by BT staff and sniffer dogs. 

Tasmania’s fruit fly-free status is very important to all producers who export fruit and vegetables.

The hard work by Biosecurity Tasmania should not be underestimated.

David Boarder, Launceston.

Ross Bridge

KIM PEART (The Examiner, November 7)  obviously fails to understand heritage priorities.  

Why would anyone want to list the Ross Bridge when seriously "significant" concerns  such as the Boland Street Cottages and the CH Smith Building, have first call on the time, energy and funds of those responsible form the maintenance, protection and presentation of our Tasmanian National Treasures?

Curiously, Kim, one finds oneself on your side.

Len Langan, Longford.

Free to Air TV

NO WONDER it’s free. No one in their right mind would pay money to watch the shows on the channels that habitually run overtime and are loaded with reality show rubbish that the majority of viewers wouldn’t watch. Thank goodness for Foxtel.

F. O’Sullivan, Riverside.

First Baptist Church

ALMOST THE entire congregation of the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church in Texas were either killed or wounded by what is becoming an all too frequent occurrence - a rogue assailant. 

If people are not safe in a house of worship, or at a music festival, or walking down a pedestrian mall or simply enjoying a movie at a theatre, then where are people safe?  

Bob Dylan penned the words "the times, they are a changing". Even he could not imagine (by the events mentioned above),  how much has now changed. 

Oh, to have more of what 1980s singer Paul Young sang about "cause we're living in the love of the common people, smiles from the heart of a family man”.

Robert Lee, Summerhill.

Citizenship Uncertainty

THE WAY in which this citizenship-by-descent has been evolving would place our First Australians as the only citizens eligible to stand for this country’s parliament. 

As a migrant country it is inevitable that everyone else has some form of dual citizenship that can be traced back as far as the First Fleet.

Ed Sianski, West Moonah.