University of Tasmania signage at Inveresk approved by City of Launceston

Five signs at the University of Tasmanian accommodation at Inveresk have been approved by the City of Launceston.

After a failed attempt to secure the go-ahead for the signs in July, the development application was once again brought before the council on Monday.

The Northern Expansion Transformation Project director James McKee said the university would like to see its branding at the precinct.

The signage is not just for identification of the student accommodation building, but is intended to provide way finding and to assist in the management of campus safety.


Alderman Robin McKendrick was the only member of the council to vote against the proposal. 

He said he was led to believe the council would wait until the designs, shapes and positioning of the buildings on the total site were confirmed before a signage decision was made.

The council's director of development services Leanne Hurst said the whole context of the site will be taken into account for future signs.