TasWater senior staff to implement industrial action

Senior staff employed by Tasmania’s water and sewerage provider are embroiled in an industrial dispute with the company after it failed to finalise a new enterprise agreement following seven months of negotiations. 

TasWater workers will implement industrial action on Monday.

The action will largely involve overtime bans.

Professionals Australia is one of the unions engaged in negotiations with TasWater.

Director Luke Crowley said senior staff were “tired of being squeezed with endless cuts and reductions”.

“They are sick of working to keep water flowing out of the taps when good will toward them and their efforts over the past four years has seemingly evaporated,” he said.

A TasWater spokesperson said the company was “disappointed” the unions had decided to take industrial action.

“The negotiations have been conducted constructively and cordially and we have responded to members’ concerns,” the spokesperson said.

Contingency plans are in place to deal with the action.