Royal Launceston Show 2017 a showcase of Launceston's best and brightest

Ella Powell 6yr  of Launceston
Ella Powell 6yr of Launceston

Despite a mild suggestion of rain in early Thursday afternoon, Launcestonians turned out in style to their beloved Royal Launceston Show.

With all the classics of a true Australian show on offer, from hot potatoes to fairy floss, showjumping and cattle judging, the show had something for everyone and was a strong attraction for families on the day.

Woodchopping competitions beside the food trucks saw plenty of spectators enjoy the rural skills put on show while just across the way riders took to the showjumping courses, the jumps going higher throughout the day.

Enjoying the sideshow alley behind the University of Tasmania Stadium, Domini Allen with Penelope Boon, 5, and Riley Boon, 10, had a particular love of the Gee Whiz ride, which Penelope said was her favourite thing in the entire show.

“It’s a great day out for the kids,” Ms Allen said.


Many a cheerful yell was heard as the rides got underway, lifting the bravest participants high above the crowds before tossing them down and up again – although recommendations were to hold off consuming a dagwood dog or Sudanese doughnut until after tackling the rides.

On a field more familiar to football boots, dogs strutted their stuff for the judges with a range of breeds on show including collies, boxers, spaniels and more.

The dogs proved a particularly popular attraction for families as they could stop and rest while watching a few happy hounds prancing over the grass.

Inside the stadium the cats snuck in a comfortable snooze or two while waiting their turn to be judged, with a mysterious Sphynx cat enjoying a comfortable fluffy blanket to protect their hairless skin.


Cottage industries showcased a particularly fine collection of quilts, with students from local schools contributing plenty of arts and crafts to keep the judges busy.

So what was the best part of the show for the youngest crowd?

“The animals,” agreed BJ Wing, 8 and Alexis Newman, 4, while Oliver Jarman, 5, said “everything”.

“I patted the donkey,” Alexis said, who was very proud of her pink rabbit facepaint and Puppy Love showbag.