Tasmanian Government makes moves to ban synthetic lotteries

The practice of betting on a lottery’s outcome will be banned in Tasmania should new legislation being drawn up by the government gain support.

Small Business Parliamentary Secretary, Roger Jaensch, on Wednesday announced that the government would seek to ban synthetic gambling to protect Tasmanian consumers and 92 state outlets authorised to provide lottery sales.

The law will essentially target online bookmaking sites who offer lottery outcome wagering – where a player bets on the outcome of an official lottery rather than entering a lottery draw itself.

“The Tasmanian Government believes that lottery outcome wagering products are potentially confusing to the public,” Mr Jaensch said.

“It is not sufficiently clear to consumers that the product being offered is not a genuine ticket in a given lottery, but is rather a wager on the outcome, and it does not have the same levels of consumer protection as regulated lotteries.”