Tasmanian Tenants' Union calls for limit on Airbnb night rentals

The Tenants' Union of Tasmania has called for a limit to be enforced on Airbnb night rentals as mainland states get tougher on landlords. 

Union spokesperson Ben Bartl said there should be a limit on the number of days an entire house or unit could be rented out through accomodation sharing services. 

On Monday, Building Minister Guy Barnett said the government would not take action that could lead homeowners to remove their houses from long-term rental accommodation in favour of short-term options, given the state’s housing shortage.

The calls came after the Victorian government announced on Sunday that it would boost the rights of renters, offering smaller bonds and longer leases. 

Mr Bartl said reining in Airbnb through a limit could place long-term tenants on a more level playing field and “ensure that more homes are available for Tasmanian tenants”.

“The alarming increase in the number of entire homes made available through Airbnb at the expense of long-term tenants is the result of a lack of consultation with relevant stakeholders,” he said.