Relive Coats Patons’ Launceston history | Photos

Generations of Coats Patons employees will gather at its old factory this Saturday for the final time.

From the sheep to the packaging, the entire wool process featured inside the square factory between 1922 and 1997.

At its peak in 1967, 2247 employees spent their days in the imposing brick factory on Thistle Street.

Former employee Avery Harwood has organised a reunion for the mill’s working ants. 

“We’ve had a huge response,” he said 

The Coats Patons reunion will be held on October 14 at noon at the old factory, now the Door of Hope Church.

“It will be good for people to catch up for one last time,”  Mr Harwood said of the event.

“It’s just going to be a giant get together – a look at the photos and people can just have a talk – catch up with their old workmates, because it will probably never happen again.

“I miss the place and a lot of other people would too, and hopefully a lot of people come along on the day of the reunion and have a bit of a look.”

Mr Harwood has collected and will display 900 photos at the event.

He encouraged people to bring a USB and an envelope to the event for copies.