Your Say: Monday, October 9, 2017

What will you vote?

I AM a high school student. I live in Tasmania. The subject of the same-sex marriage legislation is everywhere.

I don't think that it is a good idea at all.

Already there is teaching in schools that same sex is ok, gender doesn't define you.

Kids like me are being targeted before the legislation has even been passed.

School should be a safe place for students to grow, mature, make friends and find who we are. We don't need adults pushing their personal opinions in a place where professionalism should be the standard.

I am almost at the point where I am going to college. I want to be able to make friends without worrying about their intentions.

There are many things that will change if the legislation goes through.

People like me won't be able to have a public opinion that same-sex marriage is wrong. I want to be able to have an opinion without fearing being taken to court.

I want a future where my children can think for themselves without worrying that someone of the same sex as them is watching them get changed.

Children should be free to grow without the agendas of teachers being forced down their throats. Teachers are there for teaching. They shouldn't take the role of parents.

I sincerely hope this made you think about your choice. Please vote wisely.

Clara Dijkstra, Legana.

Mr Joyce

POOR Barnaby Joyce, there he is on his high moral ground taking umbrage at YES supporters and suggesting they ‘get out of his face’. I think that if Mr Joyce could walk a mile in the shoes of a gay person, he might just be a little kinder to those who only wish to be part of a society with all its rights and responsibilities.

Mr Joyce might have experienced a little discomfort and embarrassment because the government in which he holds a senior position, has forced an unnecessary and hurtful public vote on a vulnerable minority but his experience pales into insignificance when compared to the disrespect, the insults, the whispers, the physical abuse and the mental abuse that gay people regularly experience.

David Broughton, Legana.