Tasmanian Aero Club 90 years young

HISTORY: The aero club's first hangar. Picture: File.
HISTORY: The aero club's first hangar. Picture: File.

The state’s oldest aero club started its celebrations on Saturday night. 

Club historian Lindasy Millar said the Tasmanian Aero Club would celebrate its 90-year history with a series of presentations on how the club started until today. 

“We had the first one [on Saturday night] and we’ll have a number of those throughout the year, to cover the history of the club,” Mr Millar said. 

“The significance of the aero club is that it was basically the beginning of commercial aviation in Tasmania.

“We must also be getting pretty close to being the oldest continually operating club in Australia.”

Until 1947, it was the only aero club in the state. 

Mr Millar said the club had played a “pretty significant” role in the establishment of the airport. 

“We selected the site for the airport, did the first flight off the airport and the first two buildings on the site were the aero club hangar and clubhouse,” he said. 

on November 31 in 1930 the first flight took place in launceston off Launceston airport was a Launceston aero club aircraft.