Launceston Stop Adani protest in Prince's Square

Launceston was one of 45 sites around Australia to host a Stop Adani rally on Saturday as more than 100 protesters gathered at Prince’s Square.

The event was part of the Stop Adani groups’s national day of action to voice opposition against the proposed Adani coal mine in Central Queensland.

It was organised through the Australian Youth Climate Coalition in conjunction with the Stop Adani Alliance.

AYCC state coordinator Katherine Whitmore said it was an issue that transcended state borders.

“It may seem irrelevant to Tasmanians, but the reason it is such a big deal is because of the way it is going to effect the Great Barrier Reef, which is already in a lot of danger,” she said.

“It’s also going to fuel catastrophic climate change, which is relevant to everyone including Tasmanians.

“Major industries such as tourism and agriculture are both going to be susceptible to climate change, which is why it’s not just about Queensland.”

Elsewhere, an estimated 1500 people turned up to a similar event in Bondi Beach.