Letters to the editor | October 7, 2017

Roger Tyshing congratulated the volunteers who helped in a boneseed blitz at Beaconsfield recently, including members from Tamar NRM.
Roger Tyshing congratulated the volunteers who helped in a boneseed blitz at Beaconsfield recently, including members from Tamar NRM.

Boneseed blitz Volunteers

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you to the amazing Boag’s Brewery volunteers who worked diligently to remove a significant amount of boneseed up at Beaconsfield as reported in the article on page 8 of The Examiner on September 27.

When the community works together to tackle a significant problem, much can be achieved. 

This is an excellent example of how business, communities and community groups can collaborate to address local environmental issues, 

Unfortunately, the article neglected to mention the involvement of Tamar NRM, which also played a key role in enabling such good work to be done.

This joint event was part of Tamar NRM’s annual Tamar Region Boneseed Blitz. 

This year Tamar NRM partnered with Landcare Tasmania, West Tamar Landcare and the West Tamar Council to identify and address the boneseed infestation and to coordinate the Boag’s Brewery volunteers.

Tamar NRM works closely with communities and community groups within the City of Launceston, West Tamar and George Town municipalities on sustainable living, sustainable agriculture, weeds, biodiversity and addressing the feral cat problem. 

Each year, Tamar NRM delivers more than 6000 community engagement hours through education, workshops, field days and community events such as this, which is a credit to the two program coordinators, Greg Lundstrom and Gill Basnett (who are both in the bottom left of the photo in The Examiner article).

Roger Tyshing, President, Tamar NRM, President Landcare Tasmania.

Pedestrian Safety

THERE have been many campaigns to improve cycle safety and various laws have been enacted.

However, there is very little attention to the safety of pedestrians who should be able to walk without risk on designated footpaths. 

Often footpaths are obstructed by vehicles parked on them which I always thought was against the law. 

Even more prevalent is the practice of people riding bicycles on footpaths with little regard to the safety of pedestrians. 

I have seen a couple of youths whizz by and knock an elderly lady over without stopping to see if she was OK. 

Apart from very young children (who should be able to cycle on footpaths), I would like to see the law changed to make it illegal for anyone over the age of 10 to ride on footpaths. 

After all, the footpath is the only safe haven for young children and the elderly whose rights need to be protected. 

Barbara Ibbott, Norwood.

Alternative voting

IN AMERICA and in movies, people become famous by their dance fights to resolve issues.

Two gangs or groups get together in some ghetto, face off and rap out their anger.

The dancing is spectacular, the problem resolved.

Hugs and pats on the back to the winner.

What say in every state, we have a marathon of a rap/dance?

Let the “yes” voters state their anger in smart repartee, and ditto the same with the “no” voters.

It will be a blast. 

So much dancing, music and words.

I am sure this will get Australia in the record books.

We can point fingers with no touching, we can snarl in a face off.

We can pretend to chest each other like warriors with no fear of reprisal.

We can pirouette, jump along ledges of buildings, breakdance, all in the favour of taking a stand.

Heaps better idea than all this segregation. 

And may the best dancer/debater win.

Felicity O’Neill, Deloraine.

Marriage Debate

Since the debate on marriage equality began, I have read many times that God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. 

If that is true, then all couples should be required to undergo a fertility test before they marry, to prove their eligibility to procreate. 

If they fail, they should not be allowed to marry; if they pass but are unable to procreate, their marriages should be terminated. 

Couples who are past the breeding age would not be permitted to marry of course.

Val Clarke, Kings Meadows.

Huge odds

DURING the after-game celebrations on Saturday, September 30, due to the fact that it was hard to hear over the crowd noise, I mused about the odds corporate bookies would have offered on a hypothetical bet. 

At the beginning of the season, I believe they would be quoting huge figures against the following: That one club would end the season with the All-Australian captain, coach of the year, Brownlow medallist, premiership cup and Norm Smith  medallist.

Pretty big figures, I would suggest.

Add in the first lady president and a couple of trucks from the mines would be needed.

Anyway satisfying to see that the champion teams played off and not the teams of champions.

D. Palmer, Newnham.

Our waterways

I WOULD like to congratulate the volunteers from NRM North for taking positive action in protecting our waterways.

The Tamar River, or kanamaluca, is the lifeblood of our city, and home to a diverse range of wildlife, which is worth protecting.

It is inspiring and encouraging to see members of our community think outside the square, while celebrating World Rivers Day, by working to make our home a cleaner, safer, and more diverse place.

Chiloh Ryan, Lilydale.