Petition asks for organic bins

An online petition canvassing for the Meander Valley Council to roll-out organic waste bins to the entire municipality is circling the web. 

Created by Prospect Vale resident Kathryn Nelson, the petition notes that Blackstone Heights was given access to the green-topped bins in 2013.

“Currently, the Meander Valley City Council in Tasmania, Australia, provides disposal of organic waste only for residents living in Blackstone Heights,” the petition reads. 

“We are trying to expand the service to include all of the private and commercial residence areas under Meander Valley’s jurisdiction.”

Sixty people have signed the petition, which will be delivered to Meander Valley mayor Craig Perkins’ desk when it hits 100. 

“I am now on a blind’s pension and am unable to drive and get my garden waste to a disposal center,” petition signer Kenneth Percey wrote. 

Daniel Chippindall signed the petition because “it makes sense” for the municipality to reduce landfill waste. 

However, Cr Perkins said the council would not supply organic waste bins until there was kerbside collection, for general rubbish and recycling waste, in every Meander Valley town.

“The focus of council at the moment is to plan the extension of kerbside collection for general waste and recycling through the whole municipality, because currently not everyone gets it,” Cr Perkins said.

“It’s only Prospect vale, Blackstone Heights, Hadspen, Carrick, Westbury, Hagley, Bracknell and Deloraine that have kerbside [collection].”

Cr Perkins said the council had already budgeted for the purchase of general waste bins for people living without kerbside collection, with the expectation that more towns will get access to the service by June 2018.

The mayor also said he would like to see green-topped bins distributed in the municipality after kerbside collections were available in every town.

“Our councillors certainly have it on their radar to undertake it,” he said.

“There’s a commitment in councillors’ minds, but it’s just about the timing at the moment.”