Newstead College runs Certificate II in salon assistant

Wielding hairspray and bobby pins, 12 students from Newstead College were judged on their talents and skills with hair and beauty on Tuesday.

The young women were completing their Certificate II in salon management and potentially taking the first steps into a future career.

Completing the course took more than just classroom theory – each of them had two mandatory workplace placements at hair and beauty salons across Launceston throughout the year, learning about what a career might look like.

Teacher Sharon Turner said many of the participants were anxious and nervous about taking on the course, but on Tuesday as they waited for their final hairstyles to be judged, they had grown in confidence and skill.

Students Courtney Farrow and Sophie Pickett, both in grade 11, said the course had helped them grow in confidence. Both of them “winged it” with their final hairstyles, but came out with beautiful up-dos on their patient models. And for the future? “Maybe” a career in hair and beauty awaits.