Your say | September 17, 2017


THE Liberals want to penalise unemployed Australians that may have had a puff on a joint in the weekend. But they do nothing about politicians such as Tony Abbott who were drunk at work and failed to vote on legislation relating to the global financial crisis.

Leon Cooper, St Leonards.

Dispatchable Electricity

SURELY  'dispatchable electricity' will win the most misleading term in the 2017 competition. It has been a hard and long slog to get the public to understand the concept let alone the vital importance of reliable electricity so let's not switch to another term now.  The terms reliable and unreliable are more than adequate.

Gordon Thurlow, Launceston.

Burqa Ban

Barnaby Joyce says banning the burqa could damage Australia's trade relations with Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. Excuse me, I mistakenly thought we were a sovereign country and made political decisions on what is best for our country?  So what if we offend them and our trade relations are jeopardised? We lose exports? Other countries will fill the void.

Ted Horlock, Latrobe.


WHILE I am admirable of people who fundraise for cancer research, of which there are several treatments for, what about showing equal support for the diseases that there are no treatment for, like emphysema and MS?  It’s like donating to save the Tasmanian devil while ignoring the plight of the wombats.

A.R. Trounson, Needles.

Road work speed limits

YOUR speed is our safety is a great slogan and I support it thoroughly, but it is a case of the boy who cried wolf through roadwork and prepare to stop signage. I have encountered not a worker or machine in sight. If motorists are expected to respect the road workers’ safety, firstly make sure they are there and working.

Barry Crawford, Deloraine.


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