Letters to editor on same-sex marriage

Silent majority

TO ALL those advocates of same sex-marriage, and again at the risk of being branded homophobic, I will be tendering a simple vote of no in this over the top attempt to make all people the same, regardless of orientation, religion, or anything else that minority groups wish to force upon the silent majority.

I am not afraid of same sex couples, I do however feel very strongly about my heritage, my belief that marriage is between people of opposite gender, and for the purpose of procreation of the human race.

Go forth and multiply, one cannot achieve this without both genders, therefore in the eyes of the Lord a marriage between two people of the same gender cannot do this without the help of the very gender they do not want to have a marriage with. 

Alan Nichols, Deloraine.

Everyday life

I really cannot understand why with same sex partnerships being part of our society for so long why are people so anti these couples having the legal right to marriage as in ensuring that if something happens to one then the other has the same rights as anyone else.

This is everyday life for so many now even if some do not agree,they should be allowed to live the life they have chosen peacefully.

While I am strictly a 64-year-old heterosexual, I fully believe everyone has a right to love who they choose.

I know a few same sex couples and find them very caring loving people, while those of us that agree with same-sex unions will be argued with, remember life is for living in a way that makes each individual happy.

Ask yourself one question, “does how someone else lives their lives affect your everyday living"? I choose to accept for a more peaceful and overall accepting world.

Susan Goebel, Invermay.

Different name

IT APPEARS that once again that the minority of the population costs us the most money.

Yes I agree that man/man,woman/woman relationships should be made legal, but don't call it marriage as this has already been taken for a man/woman relationship that has populated the world for years in a normal manner.

The vote should be for what we call these other relationships. Let's look at other options.

Let's keep marriage for which it was initially intended and create legal standings for whatever the others might be called.

Barry Crawford, Deloraine.

Abolish civil marriage

WHILE I I appreciate the measured comments Felicity O'Niell makes I feel she has made some glaring errors in her argument (The Examiner, Sept. 10).

Not all supporters of marriage equality are LGBTI individuals. Most are fair-minded Australians who may or may not have friends or family members affected by the inequality of the Howard era legislation. 

Gay, lesbian and transgender individuals represent the cross section of the Australian community. Many are Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other faith community members.

If a loving relationship does not require a piece of paper then let’s abolish civil marriage with its rights and privileges and confine marriage to a faith ceremony in the way that Baptism is today.

We agree that the postal vote is a farce but it is here and we all need to vote. 

Liz Munro, Ambleside.


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