Letters to the editor | September 17, 2017

Lynette Shennan says vision is needed to get the North East Railway up and running.
Lynette Shennan says vision is needed to get the North East Railway up and running.

Vision needed

I DO hope that Treasurer Peter Gutwein and Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding will back the hard working supporters of the North-East Railway and give support to the local people who have generously volunteered their time and money to help.

Among them are farmers, electricians, structural engineers, truck owners who have offered to move sleepers, pledges for four high rail vehicles, qualified track inspectors and so on. People can see the benefits of this project and already $2.4 million dollars has been pledged.

Many like myself remember the days when three passenger Tasman Ltd trains converged at Western Junction at exactly 1pm each day. Passengers changed trains for whatever trip they were making to the North, North-West or Hobart.

Those trains were always well patronised, as well, the scenic tourist routes the trains went through were certainly enjoyed by travellers.

It would be the same from Launceston to Scottsdale, a route which many still remember with enjoyment and nostalgia, the scenic views, and entering the tunnel so well constructed decades before.

Imagine the enjoyment of people stopping at areas such as the Lilydale Falls, the Denison Gorge and many other scenic spots, as well as benefiting any businesses that would develop and grow from this proposed tourist venture; resulting in work for many Tasmanians.

We can have the rail system as well as bike tracks in the North-East, it just needs vision by our state government to have faith in our own people, and for the Launceston and Dorset councils to back hard working Tasmanians who have the vision, expertise and will to make it happen.

Lynette Shennan, Evandale.

Cannot earn or learn

THE Liberal Party campaigned under the mantra of earn and learn.

Both parties promised jobs and growth and education?

How can anyone earn?

There are no jobs out there.

How can anyone learn?

No one is prepared to provide training and experience.

Where are the jobs and growth?

Where is the education?  

Most importantly where is the fair go for the unemployed and employed alike from Centrelink who continually get it wrong and make it impossible for people to meet their demands?

Davis Seecamp, Trevallyn.

Lord’s Prayer

THE reciting of the Lord’s Prayer in parliament is hypocritical for those who have no faith and annoying for those who do, knowing the others are merely paying lip service to it.

I’m offering an alternative along the lines of the following: I pledge to work to the best of my ability in my role as an elected representative of the people. I promise to be honest and just in my dealings with all residents of my country, and will strive to respectfully heed the opinions of members of other political parties.

Val Clarke, Kings Meadows.

Not mutually exclusive

WANTING a clean environment, supporting renewable energy, being open to same-sex marriage, and questioning inequality are worthy goals for any decent society.

To call them leftist means what? That they are now somehow cheapened and unworthy goals?

Let's face it these are true liberal and progressive values held by many in both the Labor and Liberal parties.

This country has been held back for far too long by a regressive and reactionary political elite. These days if a dinosaur is calling you a leftist - take it as a compliment.

Today's Labor Party is as Marxist as Bronwyn Bishop's travel consultant.

Tony Newport, Hillwood.


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