Letters to the editor: Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ron Baines, of Kings Meadows, asks the owners of the Star Theatre to use this masthead to inform patrons of  movie screening times.
Ron Baines, of Kings Meadows, asks the owners of the Star Theatre to use this masthead to inform patrons of movie screening times.

Star Theatre

I MUST agree with Peter & R.G. Bomford (The Examiner, September 11) that the long awaited revival of the Star Theatre is a great boost for Launceston. In line with keeping it local, could the new owners use The Examiner  to keep us informed of the movies and times as our other cinema ignores the wishes of Northern Tasmania in this regard. I recall another theatre was mooted for Invermay a few years ago, that seems to have disappeared in the mists of time, aided by the smokescreen that surrounded the University of Tasmania’s move to Inveresk.

Ron Baines, Kings Meadows.

High Court Challenge

LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning) has given us an insight into what is ahead for the country, should gay marriage become law.

The sheer arrogance of this minority group is astonishing in its audacity, in challenging the elected governments mandate to hold a plebiscite on gay marriage. This foolish action clearly demonstrates what lengths LGBTIQ will go to, in order to achieve their agenda.

Their assertion, that such a marriage will make no difference to the normal accepted natural marriage, between a man and a woman, is absolute dross. It will actually devalue heterosexual marriage, which was designed by God for procreation.

Should gay marriage become law, every school will be required to teach our children about homosexual marriage, gender neutrality, the accommodation of transgender children in our schools, with the right to share shower facilities, toilets and accommodation on school camps, the list is endless. Parents will have no say and their only redress will be home schooling.

People must seriously research the consequences of gay marriage, because once it is enshrined in law, there will be huge changes in people’s right to speak out about their concerns, if they are confronted with questions from their children, regarding natural male female marriage.

Freedom to disagree with gay marriage, could have many people charged in law, thus putting an end to freedom of speech and freedom of religion to teach Christian beliefs on marriage, as evidenced by the challenge to Hobart’s Catholic Archbishop. For the sake of our children, morality, Christian faith, and the overall interests of a peaceful and happy world please vote no in the postal survey. Please do get out and vote, it is an important issue for our country.

Mary T. Bates, Exeter.

Homegrown Talent

AT Junction Arts Festival, I was privileged to see “Milabena Marvel", Claire Anne Taylor perform, a young Tasmanian singer-songwriter, with enormous talent. Taylor reminds me, albeit in a different discipline, of a young Richard Flanagan, who was recognised by the late University of Tasmania lecturer, Margaret Scott, amongst others, who encouraged and believed in this young writer, to eventually become a Man Booker Prize recipient. Taylor has the potential and talent to be a world-class musician.

Kenneth Gregson, Swansea.

Hurricane Irma

HEAVY monsoon rains have caused landslides and floods across Bangladesh, southern Nepal and northern India. The disaster has killed more than 200 people and displaced at least two million more. Hurricane Irma has been responsible for 12 deaths in the Caribbean. Why is it that the media focus their attention on Irma yet pay little attention to what is occurring on the subcontinent?  I think it is pathetic. The media are there to sell and they have made a determination that one story  is more newsworthy than the other, ultimately that reflects on the masses desire for disasters, but only when it relates to people suffering. People on the subcontinent experience these disasters regularly, and the masses only want news not a repeat of history.

T. Horlock, Latrobe.