Your Say: Friday, September 15, 2017

Junction festival

ANOTHER brilliant Junction Arts. Fortunate to get there to witness burgeoning local talent and for a wonderful cross-cultural experience, featuring Afghani and Sudanese music, along with an eclectic Melbourne band. It was great to see so many families and young people, from diverse backgrounds, joining as one to dance the night away. Prince’s Square was a glorious venue. Launceston, for the most part, has continued to evolve positively over the past decade.

Andrew Saint, Trevallyn.

Take litter home

THE LITTERING on the road sides should stop. On my daily bicycle ride, I notice the littering is increasing. Beer cans and bottles, KFC packaging and paper cups with straws stuck in it. If I would gather this garbage and dump it in a litter bug's garden, the litterbug would be furious. I beg, take your garbage home and dispose it in your wheelie bin

Willem Raak, Clarence Point.

Basic Politics

YOU WOULD think that frontline workers work environment in Australia in a 21st century would be uniform across the country, for example, one fire, one police, one ambulance personnel and so on per head of population and one doctor and one nurse and one hospital bed per head of population, then come budget estimates basic politics does not become policy especially, in an election year.

Ian Fitch, George Town.

Sunday Harp Concert

AN APPRECIATIVE audience was treated to harp music at St Peter’s Church at The Nile on September 10. Led by Judy Crees-Morris, the ensemble Harps & Co played a selection of pieces by a variety of composers. The concert was convened as part of the fund-raising program by The Nile Chapel Association in order to complete major maintenance on the building, which they now own and operate independently. The acoustics in St Peter’s carry the music very well and this was the second harp concert performed there.

Alastair Cameron, The Nile Chapel Association, public officer