Brown Dun | Trout expo could prove lucky

Trout Expo is coming up again the weekend after next, September 23 and 24, near Cressy on Brumbys Creek’s lower two weirs. 

Although this is the thirteenth Trout Expo, it just might be lucky for some – certainly for anyone bagging the tagged trout, again worth $10,000. 

Meanwhile, anglers have found lower stretches of the North Esk River productive – and although many trout have had empty stomachs, they took soft plastics well.

Four Springs Lake water remains high, but few trout have been showing.

Many being caught are small, with the rainbows generally in good nick, but some browns are lacking condition.

With local weather often windy and usually chilly, results are currently patchy - reasonable action one day, little the next. Catches will improve with increasing warmth and insect activity

Anglers have been pleased with the quality of brown trout from the Great Forester River. 

Up top, a party recently fishing Woods Lake was delighted with the way a score of brownies, already in top nick, seized wet flies.

Lake Echo water continues to rise slowly from its mid-winter low to the level it reached last April, and could be attracting trout into newly-covered shallows.

That Naracoopa, King Island jetty mentioned previously juts out hundreds of metres over and well above deep, clear Bass Strait brine and is lined with holders for rods.

It even has a solar panel dedicated to providing water and light for cleaning catches.