Tasmanian mum who pimped out 12-year-old paroled

A Tasmanian mum who pimped out her 12-year-old daughter to more than 100 men has been released from prison.

The Hobart woman was paroled after serving seven years of a 10-year sentence.

The 41-year-old booked a hotel room and supplied lubricant and condoms after deciding with her partner Garry John Devine, 51, that the girl would become a prostitute to make money.

The girl was forced to have sex with more than 100 clients within one month and her mother charged men an extra $50 if they did not want to wear a condom – the victim contracted sexually transmitted diseases, including genital warts and chlamydia.

The mother and her partner split some of the profits and used the rest to buy drugs.

She was sentenced to 10 years in 2010, with a seven-year non-parole period. 

The woman was released in May this year.

The parole board has shared its decision, stating the woman had been eligible for release since February.

“She has utilised her time in the custodial environment in a compliant manner achieving minimum classification and establishing and working within a sewing room where she is engaged in manufacturing and supplying sewn products to the Royal Hobart Hospital and the Launceston General Hospital neonatal ward and swags for the homeless,” the parole board said.

“The rehabilitation potential for the applicant to make further gains appears to be exhausted within the custodial environment but capable of enhancement and improvement whilst under supervision within the community. In light of that rehabilitation potential and the low-level risk of re-offending behaviour noting the claimant’s lack of relevant criminal history a parole order is approved.”

The woman is on parole until February, 2020.